A look over pokemon go hacks

There is no questioning over the pokemon game popularity. It is true that the pokemon game is known for creating a frenzy amidst the players especially the teenagers can be seen hovering around the streets, eyes stuck to their mobile screen and movement all over the streets just to get the glimpse of the pokemon. In the cities, markets, parks, and even in parking lots there have been pokemons. So once can conclude that they are omnipresent. Since the game is very much popular with the people certain experts have also devised few hack pokemon go for the same.


Pokemon go hacks are the shortcuts or the tricks that a player can adopt to in order to get catch them within the least time possible. Here are some hacks for the same:

  • Use maps, apps and trackers- with the game of pokemon getting on nerves with the people there was a sure look out for the alternatives to get the pokemons quickly and in the best manner. So pokemon go also faced some makers who were too keenon designing up the pokemon go hacks such as Niantic which is a third party programme and that which helps the players in finding the pokemons.


  • Few of the shutdown apps faced a lot of flak from the original makers are the pokevision since it was a very efficient hack and helped a lot of players in catching the pokemons. This was further followed by smartpoke and Skiplagged.
  • Using the drone- now many of the players would not by this idea of using the drone to catch the pokemon but yes it can be amidst the few tricks that would help a player in catching the pokemon.  So you can attach the phone to the drone and catch the pokemon from the comforts of your home. but while doing all this make sure that you don’t drop of the phone at somebody`s head. And if you are unsure and wavering at any stance give this hack a miss.
  • Using the fan- now this would be one of the best hacks but the bizarre one because it compels you to tie the phone in some wrapper and hang it loosely on the fan and switch the fan. This is a very unique trick of fooling the game radar that you are actually walking and this would hatch more eggs quickly to catch the pokemons.